481054_229575833819987_1890974952_nEXCITING NEW OPPORTUNITY TO WORK WITH OUR GROUP! MSc studentship is available to work on Incorporating weaver ants (Oecophylla smaragdina) into oil palm plantation integrated pest management to improve ongoing plantation sustainability. Malaysian applicants only. Further details here.

I am a tropical ecologist based in Sabah, Borneo. My research focuses on changes in animal communities in response to habitat degradation and along altitudinal gradients. I work mainly on canopy ants, although I am also interested in mammals.

Some recent publications

Yusah K.M., Foster W.A., Reynolds G. & Fayle T.M. (2018) Ant mosaics in Bornean rain forest high canopy depend on spatial scale, time of day, and sampling method. PeerJ 6:e4231 [PDF]

Gibb H., Sanders N.J., Dunn R.R., Arnan X., Vasconcelos H.L., Donoso D.A., Andersen A.N., Silva R.R., Bishop T.R., Gomez C., Grossman B.F., Yusah K.M., Luke S.H., Pacheco R., Pearce-Duvet J., Retana J., Tista M. & Parr C.L. (2018) Habitat disturbance selects against both small and large species across varying climates Ecography 41: 1184-1193 [PDF]

Yusah K.M. & Foster W.A. (2016) Tree size and habitat complexity affect ant communities (Hymenoptera: Formicidae) in the high canopy of Bornean rain forest. Myrmecological News 23: 15-23 [PDF]

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